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The educational services sector comprises establishments that provide instruction and training in a wide variety of subjects and specialized establishments, no matter what industry you are involved in, training and education is a solid part of your growth and resource development.  I-SOFT provides effective solutions that can help educators demonstrate, supervise, and direct learning processes. Simulation and newest training methodolgies can be adapted to fit the particular training needs regarding training process, namely, labor inputs of instructors with the requisite subject matter expertise and teaching ability.

Our Contribution to This Industry

I-SOFT offers flexible and more engaging solutions for educational institutions and organizations that offer training and development programs through hosted learning management implementation that can deliver responsive, reliable and highly scalable and secure managed training services. Our solutions enable instructors to customize courses, share open learning resources and repositories, include online content, and create engaging assignments that encourage collaborative learning. It also enables students to learn at their own pace, suited to individual learning styles. In addition to making it feasible to keep track of course assignments, collaborate on projects, have online discussions and get notified when your notes are available.

Projects List

  • Army Forces GHQ Signals Directorate, Signals School: Full development for all Signals School at Signals Directorate including Admissions, Registration, Planning, Follow-up and Evaluation. Project includes analysis, design, development, documentation, deployment and full implementation.
  • Dubai Police Academy: Dubai Police College Applications including Admissions, Registration, Planning, Follow-up, Evaluation, Workflow, Custody, Finance and Clinic. The project covered analysis, design, development, documentation and deployment