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Enterprise solutions are designed to integrate a company’s business solution bu connecting various business process areas and related databases. These solutions enable companies to retrieve and analyze data providing managers with real-time operating information. Whether your business is local, national or international, I-SOFT provides innovative solutions that meet your requirements for flexible fast service delivery combined with knowledgeable, reactive customer support and simple billing processes.
Through I-SOFT’s state-of-the-art capabilities and solutions, we provide secure and efficient operational IT environments with transformed services that make effective use of industry leading-edge practices, standards, and innovations to enable and optimize the full life cycle of the enterprise IT environment.

Our Contribution to This Industry

I-SOFT’s Solutions delivers business transformation through the implementation of enterprise applications such as IBM and Oracle, world-leading software applications for managing core business operations.

Our Solutions Implementation group lies at the heart of I-SOFT’s service offering. We manage all complex implementation projects including all new Oracle Business Suite, ERP and Industry Solutions. I-SOFT ensures the success of these implementations through strict adherence to the use of experienced consultants with considerable depth of industry, systems integration, and a complete suite of tools necessary to execute the project is delivered during the Project Pre-implementation and Preparation Phase.

Projects List

  • Road and Transport Agency Enterprise GIS Platform: Full Implementation of Enterprise GIS Platform to create a robust fundamental base (24/7 system) to be able to host geospatial data within RTA. The platform is based on Oracle Spatial and allows CAD/GIS interoperability enabling different departments and agencies of RTA to access the shared geospatial information from various CAD/GIS clients. This means that all the internal (RTA staff) & external (other governmental bodies, consultants, contractors etc…) users will be able to easily access, manipulate and manage data regardless of type of RTA CAD/GIS clients
  • Abu Dhabi Airports Company ADAC: Internet & Intranet Portal
  • Etisalat: Data migration, System Performance Test/Tuning
  • Road and Transport Authority Portal and e-Services: Full Maintenance and Support for