Technology Solution Provider

I-SOFT creates performance driven IT solutions that help our customers improve efficiency, increase productivity, and boost their bottom lines. Our core strengths lie in designing and implementing secure, enterprise-wide systems and networks – from hardware and software acquisition to application development and full integration. I-SOFT solutions highlight our core strengths and demonstrate our understanding of – and experience with – today’s leading edge technologies. Our track record of successful government projects speaks to our professionalism, expertise, and dedication to customer service.Today’s applications and systems require not only functionality, but also security, mobility and high availability. By using more effective technology tools, we can make a smarter transformation possible for your business.

Enterprise Information Strategy Planning

I-SOFT believes that smart decisions are the building blocks of great performance, so our strategic planning begins by interviewing stakeholders to determine key initiatives and decision-making needs. We evaluate information maturity; define appropriate metrics and breakdown analysis processes to provide informed decisions. We address your business information needs by integrating technology, resources and best practices to provide your business value and sustainability. Through partnership and continuous mentoring, we execute your strategic plan while mentoring and enabling your team to leverage our proven methods.

Enterprise Applications Development

I- Soft can help you overcome technology complexity to improve application performance and achieve better business results. This is achieved by providing flexible structure that can sync application management to your services. We are experienced across the Middle East region in developing custom software applications that launches your most challenging enterprise projects. I-SOFT partners closely with you to make sure that your application development solutions truly meet your business needs.
I- Soft offers your enterprise turnkey solutions that include real time operation and execution of the solution with your business, preparing digital environment, planning &designing the solution offering to meet the obligations and finally deliver an enterprise application that is extremely practicable for you and open to continuous evolving and improvement. I-SOFT also provides the tools you need to make sure you can manage your customer relationships, maintain your data and develop a deeper understanding of what motivates your customers.

Operation & Implementation Services

I-SOFT offers a range of services that go beyond deployment and cover the entire product life cycle, helping you plan, implement, integrate, and operate your solutions efficiently, in a way that’s practical for your business. We can do more than just get your software up and running.  Our experienced consultants offer guidance to help you leverage it effectively within the context of your specific operations, as well as make informed decisions about a wide range of areas that can impact efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability, such as business practices and processes, employee skills, industry and government regulations, and data collection and analysis. I-SOFT services help align your business procedures, improve its competence and make it more cost effective.