State of the Art Solutions for your Business

I-SOFT thrives on bringing together technology and design to create innovative solutions to meet the unique needs of our customers. With numerous technical specialties and an in-house design department, I-SOFT is known for taking a cutting-edge approach to our work. We think creatively and critically to build business-driven solutions that solve the everyday problems of our clients seamlessly and with style.

We take the time to carefully listen to your business problems and work closely with you to discover and create a solution tailored to your specific requirements. Once we’ve completed our work, I-SOFT will make sure that your team has the knowledge and tools necessary to effectively use what we have built. When you work with I-SOFT, you will quickly find that we are not your average Solution Provider.

Our History

  • Founded in Amman (Jordon) in 1990
  • Established in Abu Dhabi (UAE) in 1998
  • Established INTELLISC (our development arm) in Dubai 2001, Amman 2008 and Cairo 2013
  • Launched Smart Traffic in 25th of june 2005
  • Launched Multi-Chanel E-Services platform in 2010
  • Launched Smart Vehicle Inspection System in 2014
  • Launched Smart Traffic Mobility app in july 2014


  • Multi-Channel Eservices Platform was nominated best eService in Dubai 2010, 2011 in DGEP (Dubai Government Excellency Program).
  • RTA (Our Client) has ranked first among Dubai Government departments and authorities in the Improved Government Departments Performance category 2012.
  • RTA has topped Category (A) for Government Departments delivering more than 100 electronic services 2012.
  • RTA was announced one of the top 5 e-Government entities.
  • Multi-Channel Eservices Platform was nominated best eServices in Gulf 2011.
  • Multi-Channel Eservices Platform was short listed for the best eService in Dubai 2012.


We at I-SOFT and our partners are changing the way businesses spend and grow. I-SOFT is leading the charge to help customers get state of the art solutions that can revolutionize their business performance and meet their highest targeted goals. Our partners play a key role in helping our customers use I-SOFT to deliver business value and achieve customer success.

I-SOFT partners bring a wealth of experience, value and knowledge to our mutual customers, including:
• Service, project, and program management
• Business process consulting and best practices
• Implementation and support
• Data migration and application integration
• Customer training and change management